Windows multiple network problem [solved]

14 Jan

I have seen many people facing this problem. There can be different reasons behind this. but most of the time the below solution worked for me.[OS: Window 7]

  1. go to control panel.
  2. click on hardware and sound .
  3. click on device manager (if your view type is not set as category you will directly find this option under control panel ) Refer Img 1
  4. search for network adapter and click on it to expand. (Refer Img 2)
  5. right click on WLAN option (your wireless vendor name will be prefixed to it e.g Broadcom 802.11b/g wlan)
  6. click on uninstall.
  7. Now WLAN will disappeared from option.
  8. Right click on Network adapter and click on scan for hardware change. It will reinstall adapter drivers from your system automatically within few seconds.
  9. Now connect to your wireless network again.

I hope this will solve your problem . 🙂


Img 1


Img 2


2 Responses to “Windows multiple network problem [solved]”

  1. gaurav sharma January 14, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    hey nishant, thanks yaar i was banging my head for last three days on this, thanks for this very helpful suggestion………….. 🙂

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