Aqua-Sim installation guide

9 Jun

1. Aquasim is NS-2 based network simulator designed specially for aqueous medium network.

2. Download aquasim :

3. Before installing Aqua-Sim, you should make sure that your linux system contains the
essential libs for the installation of ns-allinone-2.30. Usually, it requires gcc/g++
complier, automake, X11 lib. To make Aqua3D works, some other packages, such as
freeglut, GTK+ 2.0 and wxGTK-2.8.11, are also required .

4. All these packages can be installed from synaptic package manager.

5. installing the dependencies:
sudo apt-get install xorg-dev g++ xgraph

6. Copy and paste aqua-sim file wherever you want. Suppose you have pasted it in your home

7. Double click on tar file to extract or use command:
tar -xvf aqua-sim.tgz

8. move into extracted folder:
cd ns-allinone-2.30

9. sudo ./install (if you are using terminal as root then ./install)
10. if there is problem in otcl then:
change ns-allinone-2.30/otcl-1.12/ Find the line that says:
CC= @CC@
and change it to:
CC= gcc-4.3 or your gcc-version

11. if problem presist:
change otcl-1.12/
SHLIB_LD=”ld -shared”
SHLIB_LD=”gcc -shared” //add this line

12. run this command in otcl folder:
autoconf -f

13. if error in tclcl occur (warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’
• cast the “const char*” to “char*” in line 566 in (in tclcl folder) like this: char *p =
(char*)strchr(localName, ‘(‘)
• Do the same with all other lines that fail in queue/ 876-879: (char*)strstr(v-
>name(), “ave”) etc. for the next lines
• and in queue/ line 565 to 571: (char *)strstr(v->name(), “ave”)…
• and in queue/ line 316 and 317: (char *)strstr(v->name(), “prob”)…
• and in queue/ line 333: (char *)strstr(v->name(), “curq”)
• and in queue/ line 335-337: (char *)strstr(v->name(), “ave”)…
▪ and in queue/ line 207: (char *)strstr(v->name(), “curq”)

14. install ns2.30 by typing ./install in terminal
(first change the current directory to ns-allinone-2.30)

15. Edit some paths
$ gedit ~/.bashrc
Put these lines on that file in the last.

OTCL_LIB=/home /ns-allinone-2.30/otcl-1.12
NS2_LIB=/home /ns-allinone-2.30/lib
TCL_LIB=/home /ns-allinone-2.30/tcl8.4.18/library

XGRAPH=/home /ns-allinone-2.30/bin:/home /ns-allinone-2.30/tcl8.4.18/unix:/home /ns-allinone-
2.30/tk8.4.18/unix:/home /ns-allinone-2.30/xgraph-12.1/
NS=/home /ns-allinone-2.30/ns-2.30/
NAM=/home /ns-allinone-2.30/nam-1.13/

16. close terminal and reopen it. If any thing error occurs, check your .bashrc file and correct paths.

17. go to ns-2.30 folder inside ns-allinone2.30.
Sudo ./validate

18. it may take around 1 hour. If every thing will happen right at last you will get message “all test

19. restart terminal type ns. If % sign appears congratulation ! You have successfully installed

20. link for other possible errors:


6 Responses to “Aqua-Sim installation guide”

  1. hasan December 17, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

    Thanks, perfect guide 🙂

    But I can not find aqua-3d package anywhere. Can you help me?

    Why wiki pages for aquasim or aqua3d are not available?

  2. mary February 3, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    I have problem to install Aqua3d !!!!!! can you help me ?

    when I enter make to install Aqua3d I see these errors:

    g++ `wx-config –libs –cxxflags –gl-libs` -c main_src/Aqua3D.cpp
    main_src/Aqua3D.cpp: In member function ‘virtual bool Aqua3D::OnInit()’:
    main_src/Aqua3D.cpp:95:36: error: ‘wxSTRING_MAXLEN’ was not declared in this scope
    main_src/Aqua3D.cpp:167:39: error: ‘wxSTRING_MAXLEN’ was not declared in this scope
    make: *** [Aqua3D.o] Error 1

    • anjana June 19, 2015 at 11:23 am #

      dear mary,
      did you solve your problem?
      have you installed it ?
      I face the same issue now
      please share the procedures that you follow to solve it.

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